Stay Fit This Holiday Season by Skating

It comes as no surprise that the winter time can brings several challenges to staying fit. We’re busier than ever preparing for what can feel like dozens of holidays, gatherings and holiday parties. In addition, if you like to stay fit by being outside, the days are shorter and a whole lot colder. So, what is one to do to stay on track with a regular fitness routine during the winter months? Why not roller skate? Here are just a few of the benefits to roller skating to stay fit:

If you’re an athlete or simply have another activity you usually do such as swimming or running, think of roller skating as cross training for your other activities. If you’re a runner, a soccer player or even a dancer, roller skating can be a great addition to your routine to help improve the muscles in your thighs, glutes and calves. Not to mention, roller skating can improve your balance. Working on these muscle groups in a different way will help your strength and performance overall.

roller skates

photo via pixabay

In addition to the physical benefits of skating, it is weather proof! With dipping temperatures and shorter days it may seem impossible to fit exercising into your schedule before it’s pitch black and freezing outside. However, roller skating can be done entirely indoors, so there is no need to worry about winter-friendly clothes, or what time of day you skate.

At Skate Station in Sumter we have tons of skating sessions throughout the week so you can get your exercise in and have a great time! For more information on our skating sessions, check out our schedule here.

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