Stress-Free Birthday Parties

Children’s birthday parties are often brightly colored, high energy events, that usually leave every child in attendance exhausted but content. Unfortunately for parents hosting the exciting event, a lot of this fun can turn into stress. We say, don’t let it! Skate Station of Sumter is here to help you plan your next birthday event and offer a few party planning tips to ease your mind.

skating party

Roller skating birthday party

  • Planning: The key to any event is to always make a good plan. Start planning 4-5 weeks in advance, especially when you will be booking/reserving a party venue. Keep the planning simple by sticking to the basics- guest list, venue and food. Then if you are considering themed decor, loot bags, etc., add it to the list.

  • Date/Time: If it’s possible to see what day works best for your party guests ahead of time, do it! You may be able to gauge your guest list more accurately, which counts when numbers are a consideration for certain venues. If not, no worries! Select a day and time that works for you. Just keep in mind, many parents of younger kids tend to prefer times earlier in the day.

  • Preparing: Try to prepare as much as possible before the day of the birthday party. If you have loot bags for your guests, have the birthday boy or girl help fill them up in advance. Baking a cake? Bake it the day before, so there’ll be no last minute cake making (or meltdowns) the day of. Whatever you end up doing ahead of time, try to get the whole family involved and just have fun with it!

We hope these tips help while planning your next birthday party. Skate Station can also make planning your next party less stressful with all of our incredible birthday party packages already created for you. These packages range from public to private skating events, with fun options such as food packages, themed party goods and much more. You only need to decide which you prefer. Happy planning!

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