The Great Skate Debate: Buy or Rent?

roller skatesAre you considering buying new rollerskates? Roll on over to our  impressive Pro Shop at Skate Station in Sumter. We carry over $25K in inventory, as we are one of the largest skate dealers in the southeast. Still not sure? Here are some good points about buying roller skates versus renting skates:

  • Usage: One factor to consider when purchasing roller skates is the usage you will get out of them. Are you the type of skater who knows everyone in the roller rink by name because you skate every week? Or do you only get your rollerskates out every few months? If you’re pretty certain that skating is a rare occurrence for you, rentals may be the best option. However if you are a frequent skater or are trying to motivate yourself to be one, we have the skates for you!

  • Age: Age is another factor to consider, especially when buying skates for children. Most parents are hesitant to purchase skates for children whose feet quickly grow. Luckily, at Skate Station we know how to size your child’s skates with room for growth. With many of the skates we sell priced over $100, we can even replace the shoe when they do outgrow their size, and we won’t even charge you for the rebuild! Of course, rentals are probably still the best bet for your very young children.

  • Style: What type of skates do you prefer? Skate styles are a big deal for serious skaters and even for those who just like to look good while they roll across the floor. Our Pro Shop inventory carries all of the major equipment brands, components, and gear that you could possibly need! It doesn’t matter whether you are an artistic, speed, derby or jam skater, our pro shop expert has exactly what you need to get rollin’ with your friends.

Inline SkateOur Skate Station Pro Shop is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, plus every weeknight and weekend public skating session. If you are still unsure whether purchasing skates is better for you, come and talk to our pro shop expert, who just happens to be a former national champion skater and coach! Let Skate Station of Sumter be your one-stop skate shop!

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