Shopping for Roller skates: Leave It to the Pro Shops

With Black Friday and the holiday shopping season right around the corner, we want to ensure that you get the perfect gift for your son or daughter while also taking the guess work out of your shopping experience. If you’re considering buying roller skates as a holiday gift this year, here are some tips to help you out as begin to shop.

A note about speed skates: The name may be slightly deceiving, speed skates are not actually faster than traditional quad skates. They have wider wheels and a lower cut boot, giving them a very modern look. At Skate Station, this is our most popular type of skate as a first-time purchase. Our speed skates start at $75. This style is a great first-time skate!

custom roller skates

Building custom Riedell 911’s

If you’re an avid online shopper, we know that Cyber Monday sales are extremely tempting, however, it is important that roller skates are purchased in person. Don’t worry, you don’t have to ruin the surprise for Christmas morning! Simply buy the style you think they will like the most and then bring them back after Christmas for the initial set up. Much like buying a bicycle, roller skates do not come assembled or tailored to fit. This requires set up and fitting.

When sporting goods stores carry roller skates, online or in stores, they do not come with any customer support when it comes to fitting, regular maintenance and assembly. At Skate Station, we are always here, even after the purchase. We’ll be here waiting for you for the initial and secondary set up. Once your skater has gotten on the rink, we’re here ┬áto adjust the wheels, examine the boot if needed and ensure that the fit is perfect for the person’s foot. We believe the relationship at the pro-shop extends long after the sale.

Ready to start shopping? Stop by the pro-shop to check out our styles by Riedell, Vanilla Skates and Suregrip.

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