Buyer’s Guide for Roller Skates

So, you or someone you love is thinking about buying a pair of roller skates. It seems easy enough but how do you know which ones to choose? Here’s a quick rundown on the different options out there:

Inline Skates: Inline skates, or rollerblades, are skates where all four wheels are in a straight line as opposed to the the more traditional quad style with two in the front and two in the back. Inline skates are best suited for someone who would be skating outdoors as they perform the best on uneven surfaces. Pro Shop 2

Quad Skates: Quad skates are the most popular and come in different styles. Traditional quad skates have a boot that laces all the way up and over the ankle. The boot itself is similar to the boot of an ice skate. Speed skates are cut lower to the ankle and have a similar shape to that of a cross-trainer or basketball shoe. They tend to be a bit more sleek but are not actually any faster than their traditional counterpart. It is not a good idea to skate outside in quad skates; the wheels are specifically designed to glide on an indoor rink floor, not the street.

Fit: The boot of your skates should be snug as the material will stretch and conform to fit your foot. If you are unsure about how your skates should fit, you should purchase them from a professional pro shop. At Skate Station we can help you make sure your skates fit and are assembled correctly.

It’s time to start thinking of gift ideas as the holidays are around the corner. For more information on purchasing roller skates, contact our pro shop today.

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