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Stay Fit This Winter by Roller Skating!

As we lose an hour of daylight, it’s just another reminder that Winter is on its way. During the cooler months, it’s important to stay fit in order to prevent getting sick and to fight off the winter time blues. Here are some reasons roller skating is a great addition to your winter-time workout routine.

  • You don’t have to worry about the weather! No need to worry about being too cold to go on your jog or walk the dog, leave the forecast behind and bring your family for a night of skating.
  • It’s a safe option to help kids get some exercise when it is too dark to go play outside.
  • When getting sick is easy enough at school, there’s no need for there to be added risk by being outside when it’s too cold. kids skating
  • Make a new winter-time tradition out of roller skating! It’s great for everyone, not only are you getting a great workout, but you’re also spending time with your family. This can only add to the sentimental value of the holiday season!
  • The health benefits are endless! Did you know that studies have shown that roller skating engages every muscle in your body? In addition, an hour of roller skating can be as effective as an hour of jogging! An hour of moderate-speed skating can burn around 300 calories per hour for a 140 pound person!

Are you ready to get started? Beat the winter blues before they hit, check our schedule regularly for skating sessions and special events!

Buyer’s Guide for Roller Skates

So, you or someone you love is thinking about buying a pair of roller skates. It seems easy enough but how do you know which ones to choose? Here’s a quick rundown on the different options out there:

Inline Skates: Inline skates, or rollerblades, are skates where all four wheels are in a straight line as opposed to the the more traditional quad style with two in the front and two in the back. Inline skates are best suited for someone who would be skating outdoors as they perform the best on uneven surfaces. Pro Shop 2

Quad Skates: Quad skates are the most popular and come in different styles. Traditional quad skates have a boot that laces all the way up and over the ankle. The boot itself is similar to the boot of an ice skate. Speed skates are cut lower to the ankle and have a similar shape to that of a cross-trainer or basketball shoe. They tend to be a bit more sleek but are not actually any faster than their traditional counterpart. It is not a good idea to skate outside in quad skates; the wheels are specifically designed to glide on an indoor rink floor, not the street.

Fit: The boot of your skates should be snug as the material will stretch and conform to fit your foot. If you are unsure about how your skates should fit, you should purchase them from a professional pro shop. At Skate Station we can help you make sure your skates fit and are assembled correctly.

It’s time to start thinking of gift ideas as the holidays are around the corner. For more information on purchasing roller skates, contact our pro shop today.

Now is the Time for Holiday Layaway!

Did you know that our pro shop at Skate Station has a layaway program? That’s right! We want you to be able to get all of your holiday shopping done in a way that is affordable for you and creates a special experience for the lucky person who gets your gift.

So what is the program? You can purchase anything at our pro-shop and put it on layaway for 20 dollars per item. Our 90 day layaway program will allow you to have your gifts paid off in time for Christmas!


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When you buy skates at Skate Station you are not just purchasing the skates, you are purchasing a custom experience. If you’re giving a pair of skates as a gift, the gift will be much more than the skates themselves. Our pros are here to help ensure that the fit is correct and that the wheels are properly aligned and installed. The boots of roller skates are flexible and will quickly mold to the shape of the foot. It’s important that they are properly cared for and assembled to ensure that they last as long as possible.

If the holidays come and they aren’t quite the right size or model, no problem. Unworn and unused merchandise can be exchanged.

We look forward to seeing you and fitting your brand new skates. Don’t delay on your holiday shopping, have your gifts paid off by Christmas! For more information about the inventory at our pro shop or our layaway program, please contact us here.

Have Your Group Function at Skate Station!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now may be the time you start thinking about private events for your group or business. If you’re considering a private party for your company, why not plan a holiday event that is fun for everyone and maybe even their families? At Skate Station we’re committed to planning an event that will be the highlight of everyone’s holiday season.

Our private events aren’t just great for the holidays, they’re also suitable for any church group, doctor or dentist’s office staff, boys and girls clubs, or restaurant staff. Having your group event at Skate Station is a great way to create an engaging, team building atmosphere while also having fun!

Roller skating is an interactive and aerobic activity that promotes fun and socializing, which makes Skate Station the perfect venue for school functions.skate-rental Need an incentive to get those grades up at your local school? We host Honor Roll events to recognize the students that have worked hard and deserve a special treat to celebrate their efforts. Skate Station is also a great spot for your next school field trip.

So what’s included? For $400 you get admission covered, private use of the rink, as well as a two hour skate rental for 100 people! Be sure to reach out to our staff about our catering menu, too. For more information about booking your group event, contact us here. Don’t delay, the sooner you book, the greater chance of getting your preferred time and date! We look forward to hearing from you!