October is National Rollerskating Month

Let’s face it, at Skate Station we love roller skating all year long. We don’t need a single month to appreciate how it promotes healthy activity with great friends, but we love to take the opportunity to highlight all of the great ways rollerskating can impact your life!

Getting scholarly: Did you know that if you are a relative of someone who is a member of the Roller Skating Association (RSA), you can qualify for a college scholarship? Not a relative, no problem! You can also get the scholarship by being an employee of a rink that is a member of the RSA. This is just one more reason to come to our auditions and work with us at Skate Station! As a member of the RSA, you could qualify as an employee.

Getting physical: Roller skating is good for you! Did you know that an hour of moderate speed skating can burn as many calories as jogging? There are multiple disciplines of roller skating, too! From figure skating to roller derby there is something out there for just about everyone. kids skating

Fun Facts

  • Did you know that roller skating was first invented by John Merlin in the early 18th century? He was not a great skater himself but he did first create the first pair of skates.
  • James Plimpton is considered the “Father of Modern Roller Skating”. He invented the first quad-skate that modern skates are modeled after. He also opened the very first roller skating rink that would be open to the public, it was in the dining room of a luxury hotel.
  • James Plimpton also developed the system for instructing roller skating.
  • The 1970’s was when rollerskating made a huge leap in popularity along with the popularity of the roller disco. The artist that got his start in era is still  a mainstay in roller rinks today: it’s none other than Michael Jackson!


What’s your favorite thing about roller skating? We want to know what makes you want to get your roll on, let us know in the comments below!


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