Every Sunday is Scout Day at Skate Station!

Every Sunday at Skate Station, we acknowledge the boys and girls who are out there volunteering and working to make a difference in their communities. Each Sunday, if scouts (both boys and girls) come to Skate StationĀ in uniform they will receive $2 off regular admission!

If you’re interested in signing your son or daughter up for scouts, you can get started by looking for a troop in your immediate area. You check for troop listings on the individual websites:

Girl Scouts of America

Scout Day Sundays!

Scout Day Sundays!


Boy Scouts of America

It’s not only a great opportunity for kids, it’s great for parents too. Both organizations have many opportunities for parents to get involved, volunteer and even help their kids on their projects and community service initiatives.

Not a scout? No problem! We have ongoing specials in addition to our events each week! For more information on what’s going on at Skate Station, check out our schedule here.

At Skate Station in Sumter, we want to thank these boys and girls for all of the hard work they do to help better our community. We’ll see you next Sunday!



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