Benefits of Roller Skating for Kids

Roller skating is an activity for kids of all ages. It takes a lot of courage and energy to get out on the rink and get moving. At Skate Station, we believe that the benefits are countless, here is a round up of a few benefits of roller skating for kids:

  • Roller skating promotes confidence. Being on the rink and making small advancements towards a new trick or even just letting go of the skatemate can be a huge boost for a child’s self esteem.children at skate station
  • Roller skating gets kids off of the tech tools! With video games and smartphones in their hands, it’s tough to get them to be social in a face-to-face setting. They won’t even be thinking about their phones once they set foot on the rink.
  • It’s physical! An hour of roller skating can burn as many calories as an hour of running. Not to mention the great music and companionship will have them having fun on the rink. It won’t ever feel like a workout, especially when we have our regularly scheduled events!
  • Kids Skate Free! We accept the Kids Skate Free passes out our location during the preset scheduled times, just pay extra for your skate rental.

At Skate Station, we are committed to helping kids find their passion and gain confidence on their own two feet (plus skates, of course)!

For more information about roller skating sessions for kids in Sumter, check out our events page or contact us here.

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