Get Rolling: Skating Tips for Beginners

Roller skating is one of the best ways to spend quality time with friends and family, but what if you’ve never skated before? No problem. Here are a few tips for someone brand new to skating:

  • Before moving forward, master standing still. It may seem basic but once you have mastered your stance, you’ll be all set when it comes time to get rolling. On carpet, try standing with your feet set wide apart and your arms out. This will help you feel controlled and balanced. Try to keep a slight bend in your knees, too.Sumter Skate Station Skate Mates
  • For the littlest skaters, we offer skate mates! For 5 dollars new skaters can gain some confidence in their wheels while they glide around the rink.
  • Walk before you roll. Once you feel confident standing still and stopping, take small steps around the rink until you feel confident enough to start gliding and eventually, rolling!
  • If you feel like you might fall, try not to flail your arms, this will cause you to fall! Keep your knees bent, and your arms out in order to keep your balance when you think  might fall down.

At Skate Station our pros are here to help you feel confident as a new-comer. In addition to our skate mate rentals, we have several types of skates to suit your needs. When you rent with us, we’re here to ensure that your skates are right for your skill level and are just the right fit!

For more information about our events, parties or skate schedules, contact us here. We’ll see you on the rink!

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