Becoming a Pro at Picking Skates

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Building custom Riedell 911’s

One of the barriers to exercise and fun is comfort. Roller-skating is fun, but not so much if you like to skate frequently and your skates are uncomfortable. Have you been discouraged by discomfort? You don’t have to be! Our pro shop is here to help. We can make buying skates a fun experience.


A good pair of entry level recreational skates tend to be really comfortable right out of the box. They tend to be made of vinyl so they don’t require the normal “breaking in” of leather boots.  Another advantage is that they will not stretch out over time, like leather would, as they break in. They wear well and are great for passing down to the younger skaters in your family. This will save your family money on rentals in the future.  Speaking of rentals, check out our other rental-skates. Trying different types of our rentals can help you decide which type of skates to purchase.


Some skates have padding and some do not. It is simply a matter of personal choice and what is comfortable to you. Traditional speed boots have no padding and are sized tightly. As the skates break in, they stretch to conform to the shape of your feet and create an amazing contoured fit. Padded boots don’t provide the same fit over time, but they tend to be comfortable from the start. They are usually more ridged and provide more ankle support.  The fit is more like a comfortable pair of running shoes. Tell our pro shop what your individual needs are for a custom fit.


Selecting the wheels are also important to getting your desired result. Some are designed for balance and stability, some are for outdoor use, and some are designed for grip on slippery floors. Being professional skaters ourselves, we know what questions to ask and what products to show you, so you can get the most fun and feel safe every time you are out on the rink.

The fit of your skates will make all the difference in your skating experience. You can get more exercise because you will be able to skate longer without the blisters and soreness that some skaters experience.

Stop in next time you are here, visit our pro shop at our Sumter skate center or online at or call us at (803) 481-7655 to talk to our Skate Station experts!

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