Half Way Through Summer

unlimited roller skating passNow that we are half way through summer, we want to emphasize that our 99 Days of Summer unlimited skating pass is still a great deal. For only $99, you get unlimited roller skating admission through Labor Day. There are absolutely no restrictions – as long as we are having a public skate session, you can use this pass for admission. This includes All You Can Eat Pizza night, Friday night skates, lock-ins and more. Plus, this pass includes regular skate rental.

We don’t want you to think that since half the summer is gone, you won’t be able to get your money’s worth because that is just not the case. There is still August’s lock-in to attend as well as daily skate sessions. The second half of the summer is the optimal time for roller skating because while the appeal of the pool is waning, the heat only seems to climb. So, you are restricted to indoor entertainment, and there is no better indoor fun center in Sumter than our roller rink.

So, beat the heat for the rest of the summer by roller skating with us. Our indoor facility is fully air conditioned, and you can skate as much as you want with the 99 Days of Summer unlimited skating pass. Pick one up next time you are in!

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