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custom roller skates

Building custom Riedell 911’s

If you’re tired of spending money on rental skates week after week, it may be time to invest in your own pair of roller skates. The great news is that you can’t find a better place for purchasing new skates than the pro shop at Skate Station, as we do have the reputation for being one of the largest skate dealers in the Southeast. Not only do we have an extensive selection of skates, but we can design and make custom skates to match your personal style.

Why choose custom skates? The main reason to go with custom skates is to get exactly what you want. The result is a pair of skates that you love so much, you get excited every time you put them on. These skates are uniquely yours and truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you are in the market for speed skates, figure skates or derby skates, we have you covered.

Need another reason to purchase custom skates at our pro shop? Well, we offer a special promotion for our customers. When you purchase any wheels, we’ll give you free bearings to go with them. This is a savings of up to $40!

We also want you to purchase a pair of custom skates with confidence. This is a long term investment, not something that you’ll need to be replacing every few months. In fact, if a problem arises with your skates, you can bring them to us to repair instead of having to buy new skates. Mr. Chris is the master mechanic of skates, and our motto is “If it’s a skate and it’s fixable, we can fix it.”

Don’t let price be a reason to stop you from purchasing the skates you want, since we offer layaway. For as little as $20 down, you can start any item for layaway and we’ll give you up to 90 days to pay it off.

Our pro shop is open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., plus all weeknight and weekend public skating sessions. So, come visit Skate Station of Sumter to get your own pair of custom roller skates.

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