Totally Terrific Thursday Nights at Skate Station of Sumter

Sumter Skate Station Skate MatesAs a parent, you are constantly monitoring everything that your children are exposed to. You want to make sure the music they listen to and the shows that they watch are not introducing them to any concepts that are too mature for their young minds. Well, Skate Station of Sumter is happy to ease your mind by guaranteeing your children a G-rated skating experience, where the music we play contains no explicit content whatsoever. Thursday nights are our Totally Terrific Thursdays, featuring two different skating sessions, both of which offer a music selection appropriate for the youngest of ears.

Radio Disney

Thursday nights from 5 to 7 p.m., we play Radio Disney to for a G-rated skating experience. Parents can confidently bring their young kids to skate without worrying that they are being exposed to explicit content. There tends to be a misconception that Radio Disney only plays Disney music, but this is not the case. Radio Disney plays top 40 hits, the same songs your kids hear on the radio, but edits the lyrics when necessary to ensure a G rating.

During this skating session, we offer free skating lessons where both beginner and immediate skills are taught in a group class from 5 to 5:30. We also have complimentary skate mate trainers available until 5:45 for beginners as deemed necessary by the class instructor.

Contemporary Christian

Following Radio Disney on Thursday nights we play Contemporary Christian music and gospel music favorites, which is the perfect continuation of our G-rated night. This skate session, which takes place from 7 to 9 p.m., is ideal for church group outings, school fundraisers, youth group trips and birthday parties.

We hope to see you on Thursdays for our Totally Terrific Thursday skating sessions, offering hours of G-rated family fun. Be sure to check our schedule to see the music selection of other skate sessions, as we cater to different age groups for each one.

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