Stay Active in 2014


It’s 2014, and you know what that means? New Year’s Resolutions! To help you get back to your pre-holiday waist size and fitness level, we want to see you here at Skate Station in Sumter!

Come skate for an hour and burn 600 calories, two hours and you’ll burn off a solid 1,200 – now that’s a great workout. You’ll be working all of your muscles in your legs, right up to your lower back and abdominal muscles that will be working to keep you upright and balanced. Skating has so many great health benefits and  is a great aerobic exercise.

Even better? We have events all month long to make skating and exercising fun! Check out all the fun events this month: January Events!

We want to see you here at Sumter Skate to keep those New Years Resolutions and burn off those extra holiday pounds! Come see us at Skate Station for fun you can count on! Be sure to follow along on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter!

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