Shape Up At Skate Station

Being a fun activity for all ages, we sometimes forget that roller skating is actually a beneficial exercise. Whether you want to get in shape, suffer from running injuries or are just plain bored with your current work out routine, roller skating provides excellent health benefits while providing active entertainment. Here’s what you can look forward to when you start rolling at Skate Station:

Burn Calories and Build Muscle

Skate to sweat! As an aerobic activity, roller skating helps you burn calories and shed pounds. According to an average-sized man who weighs around 190 pounds can expect to burn about 10 calories each minute of roller skating, while and average-sized woman weighing 163 pounds can expect to burn about 9 calories per minute. This means that you can burn between 300 and 600 calories in one full hour of skating.

Not only does skating provide cardiovascular benefits, but this exercise simultaneously tones and strengthens legs as well. The calf, shin area, thigh and hamstring muscles benefit from roller skating, in addition to your core and stabilizer muscles in your lower back and abdominals.

Heart and Joint Health

According to, research conducted at the University Konstantx states  that moderate roller skating increases the skater’s heart rate to levels that strengthen the muscular structure of the heart and improve the organ’s ability to pump blood throughout the vascular system.

If joint issues and chronic running injuries plague you, roller skating provides the perfect joint-friendly exercise alternative.  This activity actually improves joint health by strengthening joint muscles including the knee, ankle and hip.

 Mix It Up

Bored at the gym? Tired of the everyday jog? Try something knew by slipping on a pair of roller skates at Skate Station. By integrating new and varied exercises into your workout routine, this allows muscles to continuously adapt—thus avoiding the dreaded weight loss plateau.

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