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Half Day Skate Wednesday, March 28th!

Skate Station Olympics Lock-In March 2, 2018

Roller Derby Fun

derbySo you’re really into roller skating and having fun at Skate Station in Sumter, SC but have you ever taken it up a notch and gone to a Roller Derby bout? (Yes, they call them “bouts” not games.) If you haven’t, check out these tips about how to watch a derby bout; if you have, you already know how awesome they are, and some of these tips may enhance your next experience too!

Tips for Spectating at Roller Derby

  • Wham Bam Thank You Ma’m! – If you’ve watched any videos or movies about roller derby, it is understandable that you are looking for some big hit action! It’s okay, roller derby’s tough reputation is one of the reasons for its popularity; and let’s face it, it is a physical sport, so enjoy!


  • Jammers – Who? What? “Jammers” are the people on the team that have a large star on their helmets because they score the points. “Blockers” are the people trying to stop them from scoring points. So in any bout, follow the people with a star on their helmet because they can make or break the team and they get hit…a lot!
  • Open Your Eyes – Keep your eyes on the pack even when jammers aren’t around, on the referees when they make calls (they have cool hand signals), and on the entire bout, even when things seem calm. Watch how each team deliberately makes their plays. The more you watch, the more you will see why so many people love roller derby!
  • Penalties –  The penalty box is also an interesting place to watch; for example, if a jammer is in the box, their team can’t score points! All roller derby penalties are 30 seconds, a short, but crucial amount of time in most cases.

Roller Skating Rocks!

At Skate Station we LOVE promoting all sports pertaining to roller skating! Roller Derby is just one of many challenging and rewarding roller sports; others you may be interested include roller hockey, figure roller skating, jam skating, etc.

If you’re into casual skating or skating as a sport, stop by Skate Station of Sumter and roll with us! We have a huge selection of skates at our pro shop for every roller skating sport and we always have something fun planned out on our schedule! We look forward to seeing you soon!

*Support your local Roller Derby team today!

We Love Our Customers!

Skate Stationindex located in Sumter, South Carolina, loves our wonderful roller skating clientele! We just want to say a big, “Thank You,” to everyone for your continued support of our facility. At Skate Station of Sumter we want our customers to have a fun experience in a family-friendly, safe environment. See what some of our fantastic customers have been saying about us over the years:

Veronica – 5 stars 2015

Love this place — Family Fun lives here!! Great Place for Parties! The employees all really care about the kids and really make sure to create happy memories!

Keagan – 5 stars 2014

Love this place and I know almost everyone that goes there so I love it especially the lock-ins!

Helen – 5 stars 2014

The facility was clean and the staff were extremely helpful and kind. My two sons ages 3 and 6 had a perfect first time at the skating rink.

Justin – 5 stars 2013

WOW these are some friendly folks! We had a great time and I can’t wait to bring my family back!

Jordan – 5 stars 2007

Roller skating is targeted toward young teenagers, but I don’t care.  Occasionally, I like to skate here with my wife amongst the 12 year olds. Of the two Sumter skating rinks, this is the nice one.  The owners moved here from Jacksonville, FL to operate the business, and they do a great job. The husband and wife team take an active role in running the business, with the husband leading skate races and competitions on the floor every couple of hours, with $1 prizes for the winners. The place is clean, packed with customers, and well-stocked with snacks & arcade games…

Thank you again for your ongoing support everyone! We hope you’ll join us at Skate Station of Sumter soon for some of our rolltastic skate events!  We also have a great facility for birthday parties, fundraising events and group gatherings. Please contact Skate Station today for more information.



Your Ticket to Skating Fun

ticketSkate Station of Sumter wants you to know about our top upcoming events during the month of February! Then you’ll have no excuse to miss any of our fantastic themed skate parties! These events are listed in order by the most recent event date.

  • Friday the 13th is My Bloody Valentine during our Friday Night Skate session from 7-11pm. Be prepared to put on the speed as zombies infiltrate our lovely skating rink. Eat your heart out with us at this red celebration! Who will take a bite out of the competition and win the zombie costume contest? Be there to see!

  • Saturday, February 14th the Valentine Candy Scramble from noon to 6 PM. This event is perfect for kids who may not have enjoyed Friday’s zombie theme. Be sure to join us by 2:45 to get  some FREE candy! Valentine’s Day never tasted so sweet as it does with Skate Station of Sumter! We’re a great fun date place too!

  • Monday, February 16th is President’s Day Beat the Clock event! Guess what kids? School is out! So don’t sit around feeling bored! Roll over to fun at Skate Station! If you make it before 1:00pm, your admission is only $2!

  • Tuesday, February 17th is Fat Tuesday Skate, our fabulous Mardi Gras themed skate session from 5 to 9 PM. All admission is only $2 plus skate rental. Do you like token giveaways? Who doesn’t?! Join us for tokens, mardi gras beads and more!

  • Saturday, February 28th is our awesome Balloon Drop, during our Super Saturday Skate from noon to 6 PM. The balloon drop will happen around 2:45, so grab your skates and speed over before all the balloons have been popped!

If you think these events are amazing, just wait and see what we have for you in the month of March! Our Skate Station staff is constantly trying to come up with great events for you and your family. Whenever you need something that is physically engaging and incredibly fun too, come on over to Skate Station of Sumter. We hope to see you soon at one of our theme skates or for a birthday party! Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook!

The Great Skate Debate: Buy or Rent?

roller skatesAre you considering buying new rollerskates? Roll on over to our  impressive Pro Shop at Skate Station in Sumter. We carry over $25K in inventory, as we are one of the largest skate dealers in the southeast. Still not sure? Here are some good points about buying roller skates versus renting skates:

  • Usage: One factor to consider when purchasing roller skates is the usage you will get out of them. Are you the type of skater who knows everyone in the roller rink by name because you skate every week? Or do you only get your rollerskates out every few months? If you’re pretty certain that skating is a rare occurrence for you, rentals may be the best option. However if you are a frequent skater or are trying to motivate yourself to be one, we have the skates for you!

  • Age: Age is another factor to consider, especially when buying skates for children. Most parents are hesitant to purchase skates for children whose feet quickly grow. Luckily, at Skate Station we know how to size your child’s skates with room for growth. With many of the skates we sell priced over $100, we can even replace the shoe when they do outgrow their size, and we won’t even charge you for the rebuild! Of course, rentals are probably still the best bet for your very young children.

  • Style: What type of skates do you prefer? Skate styles are a big deal for serious skaters and even for those who just like to look good while they roll across the floor. Our Pro Shop inventory carries all of the major equipment brands, components, and gear that you could possibly need! It doesn’t matter whether you are an artistic, speed, derby or jam skater, our pro shop expert has exactly what you need to get rollin’ with your friends.

Inline SkateOur Skate Station Pro Shop is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, plus every weeknight and weekend public skating session. If you are still unsure whether purchasing skates is better for you, come and talk to our pro shop expert, who just happens to be a former national champion skater and coach! Let Skate Station of Sumter be your one-stop skate shop!

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Stress-Free Birthday Parties

Children’s birthday parties are often brightly colored, high energy events, that usually leave every child in attendance exhausted but content. Unfortunately for parents hosting the exciting event, a lot of this fun can turn into stress. We say, don’t let it! Skate Station of Sumter is here to help you plan your next birthday event and offer a few party planning tips to ease your mind.

skating party

Roller skating birthday party

  • Planning: The key to any event is to always make a good plan. Start planning 4-5 weeks in advance, especially when you will be booking/reserving a party venue. Keep the planning simple by sticking to the basics- guest list, venue and food. Then if you are considering themed decor, loot bags, etc., add it to the list.

  • Date/Time: If it’s possible to see what day works best for your party guests ahead of time, do it! You may be able to gauge your guest list more accurately, which counts when numbers are a consideration for certain venues. If not, no worries! Select a day and time that works for you. Just keep in mind, many parents of younger kids tend to prefer times earlier in the day.

  • Preparing: Try to prepare as much as possible before the day of the birthday party. If you have loot bags for your guests, have the birthday boy or girl help fill them up in advance. Baking a cake? Bake it the day before, so there’ll be no last minute cake making (or meltdowns) the day of. Whatever you end up doing ahead of time, try to get the whole family involved and just have fun with it!

We hope these tips help while planning your next birthday party. Skate Station can also make planning your next party less stressful with all of our incredible birthday party packages already created for you. These packages range from public to private skating events, with fun options such as food packages, themed party goods and much more. You only need to decide which you prefer. Happy planning!

Team Building on Skates

20140204_193835 - CopyWhen you think of Skate Station in Sumter, SC you probably envision an amazing family fun center filled with happy parents and children enjoying themselves, and you would be absolutely correct in this assumption! However, our facility may also be the perfect venue for your next corporate outing.

Team building has been practiced for years in many companies, but taking this activity out of the office has become an extremely popular tactic by businesses of late. Consider ‘outside’ team building for your employees next time you want to strengthen your team.

Studies on this topic suggest that companies who incorporate physical team building activities are typically well received by their employees. By choosing roller skating, for example, employees are able to get physical exercise while working together in a fun and relaxed environment.

A non-threatening environment is key to getting employees to open up. If those in the team building group feel stressed or anxious, it can undermine the entire process. One reason team building gets such a bad reputation in some companies is because not enough thought was put into the process. Forcing your group into an aggressive activity where they are more fearful than relaxed, is always a recipe for disaster.

If your Sumter, SC business is toying with the idea of team building outside of the office, let the fun experts at Skate Station host your event! We’ll be happy to roll you through all of our event options.

When you book with us your employees can enjoy team bonding on the roller rink and in the arcade. Care to challenge the boss to a game?

Skating Lessons on Thursday Nights!

5 Reasons to Skate With Skate Station This Christmas Break

The holiday season is crazy enough, then add on the kids being out of school– it can be total chaos. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are a just a few of the awesome reasons to skate at Skate Station during the holiday break.

  • The holidays can be a time when people spend, well, maybe too much time on the couch. Get the kids away from the video games and TV and into a pair of skates!20140401_175848 - Copy
  • Roller skating is a great way to socialize. The rink will be open during the day for most of the holiday break. If you have last minute cooking or shopping to do, this can be the perfect opportunity for your kids to get out with their friends.
  • Our New Year’s Event is a BLAST for the entire family! No worries about babysitters or coordinating rides with other parents, everyone is sure to have a great time at our party! For more information about New Year’s Eve at Skate Station click here.
  • Bonus events! We don’t need a holiday to have a good time. Our extended, matinee hours will go all break long!
  • Beat the chilly weather and warm up on the rink! Getting that blood flowing by skating! It’s too fun to feel like working out.


Looking for something to do during Christmas break in Sumter, we can’t wait to see you. Check out our full Holiday schedule here.