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Roller Derby Fun

derbySo you’re really into roller skating and having fun at Skate Station in Sumter, SC but have you ever taken it up a notch and gone to a Roller Derby bout? (Yes, they call them “bouts” not games.) If you haven’t, check out these tips about how to watch a derby bout; if you have, you already know how awesome they are, and some of these tips may enhance your next experience too!

Tips for Spectating at Roller Derby

  • Wham Bam Thank You Ma’m! – If you’ve watched any videos or movies about roller derby, it is understandable that you are looking for some big hit action! It’s okay, roller derby’s tough reputation is one of the reasons for its popularity; and let’s face it, it is a physical sport, so enjoy!


  • Jammers – Who? What? “Jammers” are the people on the team that have a large star on their helmets because they score the points. “Blockers” are the people trying to stop them from scoring points. So in any bout, follow the people with a star on their helmet because they can make or break the team and they get hit…a lot!
  • Open Your Eyes – Keep your eyes on the pack even when jammers aren’t around, on the referees when they make calls (they have cool hand signals), and on the entire bout, even when things seem calm. Watch how each team deliberately makes their plays. The more you watch, the more you will see why so many people love roller derby!
  • Penalties –  The penalty box is also an interesting place to watch; for example, if a jammer is in the box, their team can’t score points! All roller derby penalties are 30 seconds, a short, but crucial amount of time in most cases.

Roller Skating Rocks!

At Skate Station we LOVE promoting all sports pertaining to roller skating! Roller Derby is just one of many challenging and rewarding roller sports; others you may be interested include roller hockey, figure roller skating, jam skating, etc.

If you’re into casual skating or skating as a sport, stop by Skate Station of Sumter and roll with us! We have a huge selection of skates at our pro shop for every roller skating sport and we always have something fun planned out on our schedule! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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